Wednesday, May 23, 2007

pretty in pink

last night I finished piecing the top for my next baby quilt project - I was so excited about seeing how all the fabrics would work together and talk to one another I think I set a piecing record. although this not my 'typical' palette of colors (for baby quilts I lean toward using bright bold colors not pastels) I just love the way it turned out. when I interviewed my friend who 'commissioned' the quilt to give to her cousin living in the midwest with her family, she said the baby was a girl and they had a pink 'theme' going. the family I learned are into 'cats' 'farming' and flowers. I thought cool - let's see where I can go with this info - my first thought was that I'd go with the farm/veggie theme and probably downplay the pink bit not to be one to encourage gender typing.....

unfortunately when I went out on saturday to find interesting fabrics with vegetables and farm animals on them I struck out. I can't believe how just a few years ago cute veggie fabrics seemed to be quite the rage and I used quite a bit of bright, bold veggie fabric in various baby quilts over a period of time. unfortunately I only have a few scraps of those bright vegetable themed fabrics left in my stash. okay, I'm adaptable, since the baby is actually scheduled to come into the world this week, I didn't want to wait and wage an internet hunt for fabrics with veggies on it. and as far as farm animals I didn't find anything that 'floated my boat' but luckily I have some cute fabric with chicks on it so at least I could put in a token farm animal into the quilt.

I really liked the quilt I recently made which I called 'it takes a village' and decided to adapt that basic block for this project as it was a rather easy and quick to construct since time is of the essence. for the back I'm planning on going bold. more to come on the back when I get it together....

quilt details: 6-inch blocks; 2-inch wide sashing; overall 42 x 42 without binding.

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jude said...

i wish i had some veggie fabrics, i would donate them. the quilt looks great. thanks for the details, i always like that info.