Thursday, July 8, 2010

my little eye

Tuesday I mailed off the second kaleidoscope quilt I've ever made. I made the first one a couple years ago and I forgot how much fun this quilt is to both construct and to look at. There are so many different things going on with the triangles in this quilt and what is so delightful is how the foreground and background change depending on how one looks at the quilt.

The quilt was commissioned by some of my best "patrons" - I love being part of a giving tradition. Friends of my 'clients' are expecting their first child. The baby is expected any day now; despite the ability to know the sex of a child ahead of time, the expectant parents chose to be surprised. I believe the palette of colors is gender neutral.... all brights and no pastels.

The quilt measures approximately 48" x 54" and combines both tying and handquilting.

Around the border are the words:
I see with my little eye my mama and papa who love me. I see with my little eye a world filled with beauty and wonder.