Thursday, February 4, 2010

black & white & re(a)d all over

Two posts on the poor neglected studio blog in one day!! What's with that!! I actually gave a sneak preview of this quilt in January on mouse medicine.

I could have saved these snaps of the second baby quilt but I thought I'd take advantage of red being the theme for Theme Thursday. It's a bit late to register as a tt player, and it probably would be too tacky to register all three of my blogs, so I'll just put this up without fanfare and if any player wanders over here so be it.

I think I'll name this quilt 'black and white and re(a)d' - the re(a)d of course referring to both the color and some of the fabric which is to be read!

flying stars

Yikes, I certainly have been neglecting this mousehole, I haven't posted anything since October! Didn't I make some sort of resolution last year to post something once a month?

My absence here does not completely reflect my absence in my physical studio - but it comes pretty close.

Since completing the huge delectable mountains project in October, I have only finished two baby quilts. Today I'll share a couple snaps of the star quilt which was picked up last weekend. My friend who ordered this quilt for her first grandchild wanted to pick up the quilt in time for the birth of the baby. Based on the predominance of pink fabrics in the quilt, it is true that everyone is expecting the baby to be a girl. Let's hope that ultrasound prediction is correct. I've been known to use pink in quilts for boys and girls - but not so much pink as this quilt has.

This is one of my favorite patterns to use for baby quilts, it lends itself to so much playfulness. This time I hand-quilted the entire top in order to secure the layers - the stitching isn't very dense but it's enough to prevent bunching and create some new shapes to follow. Around the border are stitched several stanzas from the nursery rhyme Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

The top of the quilt uses primarily batik fabrics - all 100% cotton, the back is composed of playful print of red ladybugs on a green leafy background - and bordered with black and white check fabric . The finished quilt measures 58"x50"