Wednesday, June 30, 2010

babies, babies, babies!!

The first completed of three baby quilts I have going on this month. I expect #2 will be finished by the end of the day least I hope so and #3 soon after.

I just love this pattern - it's easy to piece and lends itself to all sorts of colorful play! I believe this quilt measures 48 x 48 - I mislaid the scrap of paper where I jotted down the exact dimensions.

The center is tied and the borders are hand quilted and of course made with 100% cotton fabric and cotton batting.

Liza making sure her new quilt is comfy!

In addition to celebrating babies this month, I've also been busy making wedding ring quilts to celebrate a couple couples' unions. I was literally on the road when I put the finishing touches on this quilt, so I didn't wasn't able to use my usual backyard backdrop for the photo of the finished quilt.

The couple's favorite colors are red and blue - I went with the smaller format for the wall-hanging which I think I favor.

By the way, I received a lovely thank you for the wedding quilt I posted last post - Kat and Jeremiah are very delighted with the quilt!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

wedding rings

I am such a creature of habit - when I hear of friends getting married, I immediately want to make them a wedding ring wallhanging. Yesterday our friends Jeremiah and Kat were married and I made a the quilt which has become my signature wedding gift. This time I tweaked the layout and made it slightly smaller (26 x 33 inches) than the wallhangings I've made in the past. Truth be told, I like this smaller size better, the quilt still includes my favorite saying about families and utilizes the bride and groom's favorite colors for the 'rings.'

I put the package with the quilt on the gift table last night at the wedding. I expect the couple won't get around to seeing what they received until next week when they get back from their honeymoon in Hawaii. I hope they like it and find a place for it in their new home.