Saturday, January 26, 2008

I see with my little eye II

yesterday I finished up the kaleidescope quilt which I'm calling I see with my little eye and as of this afternoon it has been signed, sealed and delivered. I think I made record time with this quilt and completed the project in ten days - of course I had terrific motivation with the fact that the child it is for decided to come 3 weeks early!

the finished quilt measures approximately 46 x 52 inches, center is hand-tied with floss, border stitched with the full name of the child the quilt welcomes along with the following verse: I spy with my little eye my mama and papa, and a world of love and wonder.

top batik fabrics, back 'juvenile jungle print, 100% cotton materials.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I see with my little eye

the newest project currently underway is another 'welcome to the world' quilt. I finally broke away from the faithful friendship star pattern and am giving the kaleidescope a whirl!

like with most of my quilts, there's a story behind why I go off on a particular direction for a project - whether it's the pattern, the palette of colors, or the type of fabrics. for this quilt I chose the kaleidescope pattern because the mama of this particular baby is an ophthalmologist. I thought it would be fun to play around with a pattern that is actually based on an optical instrument! I chose bright batiks with colors spanning the rainbow. the baby that this quilt will be given to arrived last week - three weeks ahead of schedule! impatient to enter the world thus putting a little 'production' stress on the quiltmaker - that would be me. well, truth be told, I'm really not feeling stressed. the quilt is coming along nicely - next tasks in line - the borders and choosing fabrics for the back. things get done when they get done and not a second sooner.

blocks in progress.

detail of center of top. 6-inch block (finished)

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

twinkle, twinkle little star II

here's a picture of another twinkle, twinkle little star quilt which I completed yesterday. I played around with the sizing of the blocks (increased each star by a third from the last star quilt I made) so I would have a quilt that was a larger. border hand stitched with the lyrics to twinkle, twinkle little star along 3 borders and the baby's name and date of birth along the fourth border.

each star block is a 9-inch block. overall size is approximately 52 x 52. top composed of batik fabrics. all materials 100%. center of quilt hand-tied.

above detail of quilt showing a bit of the back- back is blank & white and a red frame. there is a border past the red of black and white checkerboard fabric (not shown) .

although the pattern is the same, the color, scrappy-ness, and size of the blocks convey a totally different feel for me. I think I prefer the scrappier and smaller stars. what do you think?