Saturday, June 5, 2010

wedding rings

I am such a creature of habit - when I hear of friends getting married, I immediately want to make them a wedding ring wallhanging. Yesterday our friends Jeremiah and Kat were married and I made a the quilt which has become my signature wedding gift. This time I tweaked the layout and made it slightly smaller (26 x 33 inches) than the wallhangings I've made in the past. Truth be told, I like this smaller size better, the quilt still includes my favorite saying about families and utilizes the bride and groom's favorite colors for the 'rings.'

I put the package with the quilt on the gift table last night at the wedding. I expect the couple won't get around to seeing what they received until next week when they get back from their honeymoon in Hawaii. I hope they like it and find a place for it in their new home.

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Jingle said...

beautiful quilt,
Happy Sunday!
Have a jump start week ahead!