Sunday, May 20, 2007

studio update

most of my quilting activity of late as been directed towards working to finish up the quilt for richard's mother. I've spent most of my 'quilting time' the last couple weeks with the hoop stitching between the blocks and outlining the colorful squares on the border. the thickness of the quilt directs a somewhat minimal approach. I put the binding on the quilt this morning and started marking the border's open areas with biographical and memorial words - dates, names of family members, birthplace, etc. I've been accompanied during much of this handwork by the critters in the family - why is it when I have a quilt on my lap, they always want to get into the action? the kitties like to burrow between the hoop and my lap. even dixie, em's dog, wants to get into the act when she comes over - thank goodness she's content with just inspecting my progress and doesn't try to burrow under the hoop like the cats do. knowing dixie she just wants to make sure I'm not hiding food under the quilt. alas, I'm such a slow quilter I'm behind in making my 'self-imposed' deadline of 15 may - maybe it will be finished by 31 may - but as I'm fond of saying it will be done when it's done and not a moment sooner!

there are a couple babies on the way so this last week I had to start cranking up the activity on two baby quilts which are on 'the board.' one quilt will be given to a friend of emma, m and her family have become part of our 'fictive family' over the last few years; the other quilt is a commissioned project. both of these babies will be the second child in their respective families, and both will have big sisters who were welcomed with my quilts when they were born! I raided my scrap stash whipped up a very easy quilt for little soren (the name of emma's friends' son - great name!) the quilt is a riot of color and features fabrics from lots of previous baby quilts. a sneak preview of soren's quilt. I expect soren's big sister will have fun finding and identifying all the critters and objects in the quilt until soren is old enough to do it himself.
earlier this week I learned that the baby for the commissioned project will be entering the world much earlier than the date on the board. in fact, the induction is scheduled for may 25th - which is a month sooner than the 'due date' I had down. oh well - it will get done, when it's done and not a moment sooner! but the new knowledge did kick me into action and this weekend I've devoted some time towards working on it. yesterday I hit abigayles for a few new fabrics (who am I kidding? it's been a while since I replenished my fabric stash and I confess I got a few more than a few new fabrics - there's so many new cute fabrics out there!). with a new group of fabrics to inspire me, I started working on a basic plan and this afternoon I started cutting up fabric and sewing together some blocks. although I have a basic plan, I expect there will be significant going with the flow as I see how the fabrics work with each other.


Ms. Mamma said...

Your work is amazing and beautiful! You do that with your hands, what a gift!

kimy said...

thanks mm....the desire to cut things up into small pieces and make something new has been a passion since childhood ...good to have an outlet that can produce something useful and is safe!