Saturday, October 31, 2009

delectable mountains

Yesterday I finished the quilt I've been working on for the last couple months. I can't recall exactly when I started the piecing of this quilt, but according to my last post I do know exactly when I started the quilting.
As you can see, the quilt is a big one - here it is displayed on a queen sized bed. A friend commissioned the quilt for her son who is getting married on November 7th. The wedding is taking place in Mexico where the couple is currently living.

The groom's family are all flying out to attend the wedding. I thought they were leaving today so I gave myself the deadline of having the quilt finished and ready for delivery for Friday morning and for all intents and purposes I had the quilt finished as of Wednesday night - a whole day early - woo hoo!!

The bottom border was already personalized with the bride and groom's names and the date of the wedding. On Thursday evening I learned my friends aren't leaving until a few days later - which was great news as it gave me the opportunity to add an excerpt from a prayer which was on the wedding invitation.
(the picture on the right shows Stella, the studio cat, I think she was endorsing the idea of adding the extra words as this was the first time she curled up on the quilt while I was working on it - perhaps she wanted to add some of her own special magic to the mix!)

So yesterday I added these words on the side borders:

To the heavens above. To the earth that we love
To that which we are, have been, and will be

.....a nice little prayer to sleep under.

The quilt is an adaptation of the traditional quilt pattern called delectable mountains. The quilt measures approximately 88" x 98" - it is machine pieced and hand quilted the fabrics and batting are cotton.


AngelMay said...

Wow. It turned out great! It's quite beautiful. I'm sure the couple will be thrilled with it.

Vicki W said...

What a pretty quilt!

Coffee Messiah said...

Very nice and plenty of uplifting color.

Are you still making wallets?

Brenda said...

lovely, and I'm impressed with the handquilting. good for you!

imquilternity said...

I love the Delectable Mountains pattern and your version of it is absolutely stunning!

Phoenix said...

WOW! and more WOWs!! That is an absolutely stunning quilt!

Harnett-Hargrove said...

This one belongs on a wall!!!! -J

VE said...

Well, my blog roll starts anew tomorrow. I'd be honored if you participate again in 2010. Leave a comment and you're on the blog roll! Thanks for visiting and commenting in 2009.

Mmm said...

Gorgeous quilt. what a labour of love and fantastic gift for any newlywed. How loving of you.

Glad you came by my blog, btw.