Sunday, September 27, 2009

studio update

Last week I finished the baby quilt that nfp ordered to give to one of their staff. The shower is coming up this week and the quilt was picked up last night. I look forward to hearing how how the expectant mom likes the quilt. This is the second child in the family, the first child was born just about two years ago and also received a magical mouse quilt. As I mentioned in the post for the "nesting village" quilt, the family is proud of their Ukrainian roots these roots are oncemore represented by squares of blue and yellow which symbolize the flag of the Ukraine.

This quilt I've called "the ladybug garden" - along the border of the quilt I've handstitched part of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem I used in the kitty cat garden:
kind hearts are the gardens
kind thoughts are the roots
kind words are the flowers
kind deeds are the fruit

I love the sentiment of the poem and I think it is a wonderful verse to be shared with children - and good thoughts to take to heart. I am pleased with the quilt it is sweet, bright and ever so cheerful! I almost forgot to take a picture of the finished quilt, there was barely enough light left in the sky last night to get a snap in - fortunately yesterday's rain paused long enough for the shot.

And YEAH I finished the top to the big project I'm working on. Yesterday I layered the quilt and last night I began the quilting. Now I am hopeful that the quilt will be finished in time, until I started the quilting I was a bit worried (let's hope I didn't jinx myself!). This is the largest quilt I have ever undertaken - right now the quilt measures 88"x 98" - which will comfortably fit a queen sized bed.


tut-tut said...

Kim! absolutely amazing, both of them; and so different.

girlfriendsuz said...

The quilt for A&J is gorgeous! I love that border - very cool accent. I didn't realize this is the biggest! You are amazing.

And the littler quilt so colorful - this is very energizing and artsy.
Lucky kid!

Phoenix said...

absolutely beautiful creations!

AngelMay said...

Oh my word. I absolutely love the second quilt pictured. It's gorgeous.

Harnett-Hargrove said...

THAT is one lucky baby! The other is a beaut, too! -J

Anonymous said...

This is such a beautiful work of art. It causes me to wonder how it might also be a, ‘positive sleep element.’ I have had a sleeping disorder since late childhood (still undiagnosed). I will not go into a lot of detail - except to say that I can be awakened by bad dreams many times a night. I am a, 'Serial Dreamer." Whatever the first circumstances are, that I find myself in during my initial dream state – that stance is followed each time I awake, and fall asleep again. So, I begin each dream anew near the point I left off in the last dream. If I am having a 'good' dream - under creative circumstances, I will dream well - from there on - no matter if I awake and refall to sleep 14 times during my sleep cycle. It has taken years to reach a place where I begin my dream state under, "Friendly Skies." Up into my mis-20's, I had nightmares nightly. Presently, I sleep in a completely dark room. I look at this art piece, and imagine seeing it before my next sleeping period - as the last image upon my visual cortex. I know when I do visual exercises, as I await sleep, that I can sometimes take my, 'Good, fun, or pleasant thoughts right into my, ‘dreaming.’ Going to sleep under such a beautiful hand-created vision every night - I cannot help but believe - it would have positive effects within my dreamscapes. I will think about this image tonight – or, the next time I try to sleep, and see, if I can carry the spirit of its suggestions with me. I remember back when my worse nightmares were the ones where I had no vision at all, and I was suspended, and surrounded by terrorizing premonitions. In my twenties I was taught the skill of lucid dreaming – like seeking out your hand while dreaming. Once you find your hand - other appendages follow – and before you know it – you begin looking for your reflections. These sorts of ‘lucid’ endeavors are both insightful, while at the same time, distracting from otherwise potential disturbing experiences likely lurking around some other corner… Thanks for allowing me to think aloud as of the result of seeing this artwork. Sincerely, M