Thursday, March 6, 2008

peace village

the current project underway is another village quilt- the basic block is done with strip piecing and turns out to be a simple and fast quilt to construct. seeing that I'm making this quilt to donate as the raffle prize for the FEDOPO fundraiser, that is going to be held on saturday march 15th, a quilt that is simple and fast is definitely in order!

yesterday I started hand-stitching the middle of the quilt. again the plan is for a simple and fast stitching pattern. along the black on the border will be words of peace.... such as 'give peace a chance' 'let there be peace on earth" "let peace begin with me" - whatever I can fit in.

if you click on photos you can enlarge the pictures and see the different fabrics a bit better. I found the peace crane fabric when I was down visiting my mom and dad - unfortunately I only bought one yard! my fabric purchase was determined literally by the amount of cash I had in my pocket at the time. maybe in may when I return they will still have some left. the fabric is by alexander henry; the date along the selvage is 2006 so I expect it's not around much. unfortunately, last month was the first time I ran across this fabric....ah so many fabrics so little money (and time to make use of all of them!) the fabric with people is the last of my 'save the children fabric' - I did buy many yards of this fabric when it came out a couple years ago and it has been incorporated in quite a few quilts.

speaking of fabrics, I had the most wonderful surprise in the mail a couple weeks ago. some friends of ours are currently living in new zealand (for a year - they better come back, although it does sound pretty wonderful down there, so one never knows). any way, they sent some fabric images inspired by maoir art (and sheep)..... can't wait to play with the fabric. perhaps there is a village in new zealand that will need to be constructed - with a few other fabrics, this group does seem like it would be good as the core fabrics for another cozy village quilt!

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