Thursday, February 28, 2008

all around the world

before I headed to d.c. last week I whipped together a baby quilt for a friend of mine to give to a friend of hers. the baby is expected to arrive any day now. I didn't have much time to make the quilt and my friend said a simple quilt was fine. she didn't want to go down empty handed and she thought it would be lovely to bring a magical mouse quilt along for the baby.

my friend's friend and her husband are world travelers so I thought an 'around the world' quilt would be perfect. I'm keen on having the quilts I make symbolically represent something about the people who will be cuddling or hanging the quilt - sometimes the symbols are in the design I settle on or the fabrics I choose for the project. most often theres a bit of symbolic 'thinking' in both the design and the fabrics.

we don't know whether the baby is a boy or girl - not that it matters, I'm always fond of bright, bold colors. however, if I know a baby is a girl I sometimes will incorporate a bit more feminine touches (ironic that I the queen of androgyny feels this way! but perhaps I'm being sensitive to prevailing notions and the dominant cultural paradigm) there are 16 fabrics used in this quilt. strip piecing makes this quilt a snap to construct. for this quilt each strip was 2 1/2 inches by 13 inches. finished block was 2 inch square. I had the top and the bottom both done in a day. it did take a couple more days to do all the finishing work.


jude said...

wow, your good at this. i love your assistant....

Ms. Wollstonecraft said...


We have a fiber arts dept now at C.U. is it OK if we link this site to the Chedwick campus site?

beautiful items here-- I imagine it pleasant to sit in silence and quilt--a kind of meditation practice.

Cergie said...

You know how I would like to be able to do such a wonderful quilt even a simple small one
I believe a gift hand made with love is much more hot than another gift coming from a shop for instance
I can knit and not so far in the time ago, I ever made a little wooded cardigan, for a baby 6 monthes ols, and always, the cardigan grows with the baby who may wear a long time

The small baby quilt will be kept and then used as doll blanquet, who knows ?