Thursday, February 7, 2008

starry surprise

I've returned to one of my favorite quilt patterns - the friendship star. this quilt I'm calling starry surprise as it will be given as a gift from one friend to another. the recipient will be very surprised. for now that is all I can tell regarding the story for this quilt. I don't know the person who will receive the quilt, at least not directly, I do know (s)he is fond of green and has seen my work and has wished for a mouse quilt to cuddle into.

the person who will be receiving the quilt has been ill for a while and fortunately word is will make a full recovery - but there still is a way to go. (s)he is currently in the hospital. my hope is to have the quilt finished in time for the trip home. there will still be a bit of healing and strength building to complete apres hospital. the friend of mine who is having me make this quilt for his/her friend says hopefully it won't be long. so I'm stitching away and sewing love and healing energy into each stitch and knot.

quilt top composed of all quilts. friendship star and flying geese. quilt measures approximately 50"x58" - all cotton materials.


Vicki W said...

That's a very vibrant and happy quilt and perfect to aid a healing friend.

jude said...

marvelous gesture and gift. quilts are just filled with energy.

Susan Harwood said...

It looks stunning.

Something I don't understand . . . . why are quilt makers so frequently interested in change . . . and peace . . . and politics . . . etc.?

There doesn't seem to be an obvious connection . . . but that often seems to be the case.


ROZ said...

It's a beauty! I'm sure that your friend will enjoy it. It means so much to sick people to know that others care.

Gary said...

This is so beautiful!