Tuesday, February 12, 2008

helpers on a snow day

yesterday ms t and dixie came over to hang out on ave c.

while sitting on the floor working a bit on starry surprise, first dixie then ms t were drawn to the project. funny, sitting there I felt like a quilting equivalent of a hopi storyteller figurine.

in a few years, I expect ms t will be able to handle the needle!


zquilts said...

Now THAT seems like a wonderful way to spend an afternoon ! Another new quilter in the making. It's a good thing !

Lee's River/Zlatovyek said...

looks like a great dog. As for the quilting, I am impressed both by the results and by the skills required. Hemming a pair of trousers is the extent of my handiwork with a needle and thread.

Gary said...

I love these photos because they speak of life and activity that is being sewed into each fiber of this beautiful quilt. What a special gift.

Cergie said...

Oh dear ! That's so cute !
A mother has some difficulties to admit that her children are able to sew
It was my case : when my daughter was 5, at school she ironed. And she used a needle. It was quite a surprise for me. I bought a little tapestry. She made a pig, she offered it to her grand'mother. Then she made a gardener, she offered it to her grand'aunt. Then she began a lion and never finished it. I kept this unfinished tapestry and though it is a great memory for me