Thursday, August 4, 2011

flight of fancy

This quilt is the adaptation of the log cabin block which is found in the book Quilt Inspirations from Africa by Kaye England and Mary Elizabeth Johnson. I love this block, over the years it has become one of my favorite blocks to use for baby and lap quilts. I just love its versatility.

This quilt was commissioned as a welcome to the world gift for a baby born into a family who loves to travel and loves all things Mexican! I named the quilt Folklorica Flight of Fancy - which is an homage to the parents interests and also plays on the baby's name - Phineas. When I learned the baby's name is Phineas, my mind immediately thought of Phineas Fogg, the main character in Jules Verne's novel Around the World in Eighty Days - another person fond of travel!

Along with the baby's full name and birthdate, there is a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote stitched on the outermost border.

Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.

Since the front border is a busy print fabric, I stitched the words on the solid fabric on the back's border - this increases the reversible nature of the quilt. I can't believe this is the first quilt where I thought of doing this!


California Girl said...

Kimy, I've never been on this site. It's beautiful. I would love to learn to quilt. My GF in CA is quite the quilter and when she visited 2 yrs ago, she bought me a starter kit. Of course I haven't done a damn thing. I'd rather join a group but I live in such a tiny place...There are alot of knitters up here. Maybe I should do that.

karena said...

I love this that Frida Kahlo in there? You're amazingly talented.
The colors are great and I especially like the different fabrics you chose. You get great photos of your quilts....I discovered it's not that easy to photograph them and truly capture the detail you put into your work. Awe-inspiring!