Wednesday, November 26, 2008

catch up....not catsup!

oh my! can it really be that the last time I put something up on the magical mouse was august?!

it's a bit of a rhetorical question. yes, it has been since august. I haven't been completely inactive in my world of 'playing with fabric' but for all sorts of reasons I've been a tad neglectful of maintaining the studio blog.

let me try and make right.

starting with my most recent, here are photos of the last three projects I completed with wee descriptions:

the quilt above I entitled 'may the circle be unbroken' - it is a wallhanging and was made to celebrate the upcoming union of two individuals. the center panel uses traditional log cabin blocks arranged to form two interlocking circles. the text around the center panel includes the following:

Our family is a circle of love and strength. Every joy shared adds joy. Every crisis faced makes us stronger. (note: I discovered I misspelled crisis prior to turning the quilt over to anne, who will be giving the quilt as a gift, I fixed the spelling after this photo was taken- however, I could have left the misspelling alone as fitting of the culture of imperfection consciously found amongst many tribes of quilters!)

the quilt measures 36" x 46" - it is machine pieced and hand quilted. the colors of the 'circles' represent the two favorite colors of the two individuals who are being wed.

another fishy quilt!! this was made especially for lil b's sister. this quilt measures approximately 48" x 58" - it is machine pieced and hand quilted. in addition to information about the baby, around the center on three sides of the border I stitched a fragment from the nursery rhyme 'I saw a ship a sailing'

this quilt was made for a friend to give to a friend of hers to celebrate the birth of a child. the child's mother is a podiatrist - hence the flip-flop fabric. I made this quilt while my 'good camera' was in the shop and while I was 'on the road' so the photo is not staged as is the norm. unfortunately I didn't write down the measurements of the quilt - it's my typical size for a baby quilt (which means it's similar in size to the fishy quilt above). time was of the essence to complete this quilt as my friend asked me to make the quilt after the baby had been born. the center of the quilt is hand-tied and only the borders are handquilted.


Vicki W said...

Lovely quilts!

Pecos Blue said...

You are a great quilter.

Femin Susan said...

Absolutely fantastic post! Good job!
Good week………

Robert Robillard said...

What beauty - treasures for anyone receiving them!

Son of Incogneato said...

It’s not often I can say this, but your quilting take my breath away.

Incredibly beautiful work; the color combinations are stunning.

- BT

Glennis said...

You make lovely quilts.