Thursday, July 3, 2008

theme day: shoes!

I've been terribly neglectful of the studio blog. of course in part it's because I really haven't been very busy in terms of quilting. however I am happy to report today I am finishing up my current project. I promise I will post pictures over the weekend. the project being finished is a baby quilt which I'm calling either "in the pink" or "ladybug's garden" and it has nothing to do with shoes so the pictures of the work and it's story will have to wait until another day.

reading portable hair dryer girl's post for theme day stimulated me to think about slippers. I am currently "between slippers" I think I will make my next pair of slippers.

I found a couple promising leads and thought I'd share theme in case anyone else is interested.

there's a review of this pattern book here along with a link on how to order the softie book - the review is positive and the pattern book seems reasonably priced. the book is published by timber lane press which has two other pattern books for making slippers.

then there's mention making of vintage scuffs on little grey bungalow's blog. I've never been to lgb before. given that I'm a self declared peacenik and 'shay' (the author of lgb) is a retired marine who expresses a love for military history, I don't know if we'd necessarily hit it off. but who knows? not all military or retired military people are aggressive and pro-war - in fact, I have some very, very close friends (not to mention family members) who are vets or currently active in the service and are anti-war and even if people are mislead and feel war or aggression is the answer I do love them anyway (who was that wise guy suggesting that we love everyone - even enemies?). anyhow, shay has some very neato stuff on her blog - most of it is retro stuff and I know I'll be going back for nibbles.

by the way shay also have links to the pattern to make these vintage scuffs. how cool is that.


Shay said...

thanks for stopping by; glad you like the scuffs! I hope you'll enjoy the rest of the vintage sewing patterns that I posted.

Clare Wassermann said...

Aha I like the idea of making slippers - never thought of it before...hmmmm you've got me thinking! JGYG