Saturday, October 13, 2007

black & white & read all under

a couple weeks ago I started work on a new quilt which will I'm giving to 'the daily dose of reading,' a local literacy organization. this quilt will be added to their stockpile of goodies that will be raffled or auctioned off during their annual benefit in november.

a couple months ago I had bought quite a few pieces of that new retro 'dick and jane' line. I thought I would do something fun with those fabrics. unfortunately despite being quite cute and whimsical the fabrics just didn't inspire my muse. I think it was the colors. they weren't what I was needing, I needed some type of spark.

funny that what I settled on creating is a quilt that primarily uses just black and white fabrics. but somehow this summer, when my friend susy asked if would make something for their fund raiser, the children's joke "what's black and white and read all over?" came into my head and wouldn't leave. I think that joke was my muse.

this is a pretty simple quilt to construct and put together. it's another variation of the log cabin block which seems to be the block that's been inspiring me for the last six months! I do tend to latch on a block or pattern and make a a bunch of quilts using that block or pattern until it exhausts my imagination.

so here is my quilter's take on that classic joke, but this time it is: what's black and white and read all under. the back of the quilt has a large center panel of red fabric and I bordered the back with some of the dick and jane fabric. so I did get it in after all! of course I do have about 6 fat quarters of other fabrics in the series - but I'm certain they will not go to waste! after all one of the rules of this quilter is waste not want not!

because speed is of the essence I'm simply tying the middle of the quilt and then will handquilt the border. I'm still debating the binding - I keep alternating between just plain red or black and white check or mixing black, white and red. knowing me and how I work, I won't settle on that decision until the attachment process is all done, the excess batting is trimmed and I can play around and see what looks best. the finished quilt will measure approximately 50" x 64"

I apologize for the top picture it was a very, very gray day when I took it and well it's just not as sparkly as I'd like. hopefully when the final picture is to be taken it will be a sunny day!


Lazy Gal Tonya said...

very fun. I remember that joke fondly. I like your mismatched border treatment. good luck with finishing it up.

Salty Miss Jill said...

These are jaw-droppingly beautiful! Truly works of art. I'm beyond impressed with your work :)

You've also just inspired me to do soemthing creative today. :) Thanks, Kim!

Florence said...

Black and White and read all over :) Inspired!


ROZ said...

Wonderful creations. I've been thinking of making a half-log cabin quilt one of these days.

ROZ said...

I've added yor blog to my list of favorites.