Friday, August 31, 2007

a nesting village

I've just finished up the top for another baby quilt and am now happily at work quilting the layers together. I returned to my 'new favorite' pattern - the adaptation of the good old log cabin or 'the village' pattern. I first used this adaptation in april for the 'it takes a village' quilt and then again in june for 'tweet, tweet, meow, meow." however, for this quilt I've moved away from the pastels I used in tweet meow and have returned to the stronger, brighter color palette that I enjoy.

when I make a quilt for someone I like to gather information about what the person or the family is like and what their interests are. this baby quilt will be given as a shower gift from some colleagues at the future mother's workplace. I interviewed the person who is closest to the new mama to tell me a bit about the family - what I learned was that the new mama and papa do not want to know the sex of the baby they want to be surprised; they are very proud and connected to their ukrainian roots and they like bright colors. that was all....but with a little magic (I hope) enough.

I did a bit of research about the urkraine and also relied on my own understanding of the traditions of the region. I hope that my interpretations are good, the 'symbols' fun and there is nothing amiss! of course I had to add a bit of my new mouse fabric....which I now realize I'm running out of - best go stock up on it before it becomes out of print! eek!
insert flag of the ukraine


jenclair said...

I love the fact that you research ideas for the specific recipients of your quilts. This quilt is so bright and colorful and full of symbols that will be appreciated. I hope you get more of that mouse fabric--I love it!

jude said...

great. i love this. my quilts take so long to do, they often contain facts unknown at the outset.