Thursday, July 19, 2007

eek a mouse!

between our travels and the usual summer craziness it has taken me a looong time to finish the simplest of projects. a while back I posted a bit about a simple 9-patch quilt I whipped up using scraps - here it is 2 months later and it's finally ready to give to baby soren!

you can't get more simple than this quilt, but its riot of colors will make it a great quilt for playing finding games. although I give my husband a lot of grief about being a pack-rat, I admit when it comes to fabric scraps I am an incorrigible hoarder (my mouse nature?). however, this baby quilt shows that holding on to small scraps can pay off down the road!

I had to highlight the delightful fabrics I used on the back. like the front, the back is also very simple - a large center piece of cat paw fabric, bordered by the sweetest mouse fabric --both prints are rjr fabrics from it's line called 'cat's meow'. seeing how much I just love this mice fabric I probably stock up on it as it could be a signature fabric to be used in baby quilts!
speaking of signatures..... thought I'd share how I 'sign' my quilts - I sew on a little magical mouse - near the mouse I stitch my initials and the year the quilt was made.
ms. t enjoyed playing peek-a-boo with soren's quilt while it was hanging for its photos.


jude said...

great edge and love the mouse!

lettuce said...

these are gorgeous! really lovely. i've only ever done one quilt, i'm more of a spinner and weaver - but would, given the time....

Jen said...


I saw you over at dumdad's and thought I'd stop by. What a lovely nine patch quilt! The colours are fabulous! I've always thought about trying to quilt, but sewing tends to overwhelm me a bit.