Saturday, April 28, 2007

studio update

the 'it takes a village quilt' was delivered this week! the only problem I encountered was with the migration of batting fibers during the quilting process. it really is only a problem when I use a lot of black fabrics in a quilt. I flaked as I should have anticipated the problem. unfortunately, I'm finding it more and more difficult to find black batting - last I needed it, I was able to get it at the local joann's but the last time I tried they were out and it didn't sound as if they were going to stock it anymore. time to call the fancy quilt shop and see if they carry it, if not thank goodness for internet shopping.

last friday I began work on the 'healing quilt' for richard's mother. preparing the fabric is quite a process as once again I am using the knit shirts that richard loved wearing. the first step with working with knit fabrics is to stabilize the fabric with a woven interfacing - that means lots of time at the ironing board! this extra layer makes for a sturdy and warm finished product. the quilt for richard's mom will be similar to the ones that I made for his daughters. the blocks will be sashed together with black fabric and if I have time today I will start sashing the blocks together. the finished blocks will be 5.5 inches square.

another project for the weekend is to find black batting - lesson learned from the last quilt completed!

similar to previous three 'healing quilts' I intend to border the pieced center with a mix of a pieced border and expanses of plain black fabric which will serve as a slate, so to speak. I will hand quilt various bits of information about richard and his life. since this quilt is for his mother I think I might include the names of various members of the family - parents, sisters, wife, daughters - a somewhat abbreviated family tree.


jenclair said...

I love the "village" quilt! Hope you locate black batting at a reasonable cost, and you are right, internet shopping is something to be thankful for.

kimy said...

thanks! the piecing of the village quilt was a snap! my batting quest is always made more difficult because I prefer to use cotton batting over polyester. with respect to black batting I've only located a blend in the past-but it works.

jude said...

i love the healing quilt idea, i of course work with a similar concept for the spirit cloth concept. and thanks for those very pink tidbits. i will stitch something up for a post soon.